Water will always win

Water Issues

No Matter what the Problem WATER will always win.

 Thermography can save the homeowner much money and aggravation when dealing with water issues.

Water entry into the house from points above ground can be difficult to trace as the source and point where the water is evident in the interior of the house (ceiling, walls, windows, etc.) may be some distance apart.


Water entry is most often from the roof, joints around chimneys, plumbing vent pipes, roof valleys, attic air vents.


From the attic the source of the problems can be identified from the inside.  The water will alter the temperature of the material it comes into contact.  This material and the water trail will be clearly displayed on the Thermal Image.


Problems with cracks at joints can be easily remedied from the outside roof.


Problems with deficiencies in the roofing material can be identified after a rain or the application of water to the roof.  Sound roofing material will drain quickly, porous roofing material with retain water for a longer period of time.  These faults will be displayed on the thermal image.


No attic or access to the underside of the roof will be a challenge for the Themographer as well as the homeowner.  The route of the water will be traceable wherever it comes into contact with the ceiling material.  This may lead to the source and the exit of the water.  Actions noted in the preceding paragraph may identify the problem.


Water leaking on the floor of the living area or the basement floor may be traced up the walls as the presence of water behind the interior wall finish alter the temperature of the wall finish even though the finishing material shows no sign of water damage at the time.


The source of the water infiltration may be via the exterior wall material e.g. siding, bricks or a cracked foundation.  Solid material will drain quickly and evenly, cracks or holes will remain damp longer and thus would be readily visible in the Thermal Image.


Water entry from cracks in the floor may be a problem, if there is an under floor drainage system the forcing of hot water or hot air into the drainage pipes may enable the Thermal Imaging to show the location of the drainage system by a scan.  If so at least the location of the piping may enable an easier solution.

Whether you need to restore property from moisture, mold, or fire damage, you know the value of having comprehensive and accurate information at your fingertips. Insurance companies need information fast to start claims work. Your customers need information so they can get their property restored. And you need information so you can make estimation and reporting trouble free.

Remember if there is water, wood and ground in close proximity termites may be nearby.


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