Leaking pipes underground

Leaking underground pipe can be located with Thermal Imaging


Here are a number of common challenges

  1. Sprinkler system if you have a general idea of the route of the pipe the soil above the leak will be more moist that other areas.  A nighttime scan should identify the areas with excess water.
  2. Swimming pool circulating pumping system.  The water in the pool must be either warmer or cooler than the surrounding ground.  Run the circulating pump for as long as required to raise the temperature of the pipe.  The heat from the pipe will transfer the heat to the soil and the covering concrete pad.  The piping should be visible with the Thermal Imaging instrument.  You should find a blob which will be the pool of water from the leak.
  3. The shallow well pump should have a check value in the water source.   The pump will loose it’s prime from the leak in the pipe, if you can use another water source to force water into the pipe the area in the vicinity of the leak should become saturated with water.  A scan should locate the leak.
  4. A deep well with a submergible pump or a pump located at the head well will pump water but the pressure will expel the water through the leak in the pipe.  A scan of the area from the well to the discharge location should locate areas with excess water.
  5. A deep well with a jet pump located at the discharge location (e.g. in a barn or house) with two long runs to the well will be a challenge as the jet pump may loose it’s prime.  If it possible to keep the pump operating water the soil should become wet in the area of the leak.  A scan should be able to detect the excess water.

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