Fee Schedule

Charges for Infrared Thermal Imaging service by Thermal Images.ca

Minimum hourly charge                                     $ 85 .00 per hour with verbal report

$100.00 per hour with written report

Travel rate  for out of town                               50% of the above rates

In many cases the business or home owner / manager will accompany the Thermographer and view the Images of suspected problems as captured by the Infrared Thermal Imaging instrument.   The resulting discussion will often in a plan of action to correct the problem.

In more complex problems the preparation of a formal report may be required.  The results may have to be referred to third parties not present during the examination.   The report(s) may have to be retained for future actions.

In manufacturing environments Thermal Imaging may be part of a Preventive Maintenance program where the assets are examined on a scheduled basis where by trends in the operation of the equipment can be tracked over a period of time to determine when it is appropriate to repair or replace equipment not preforming to standards.     Charges for this service will be negotiated as required.

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