Automobile, Airplane, Motor Cycles, Boats


Automobiles, airplanes, boats, motorcycles and trailers all have common factors – they

1. cost a lot of money

2. deteriorate

3. depreciate

The actions of water on your toys is the a major source of concern which will determine the rate of decay and loss of in value.

Infrared Thermal Imaging is a too to assess the damages of time-

Rust and decay are generally caused by water.  Iron rusts, the rust will retain water.  The rusted areas will radiate heat at rate different than non rusted areas.  If an area of rust has been repaired there will be a difference in the rate of heat radiation even if the the same or similar materials were used.  The “joint” will be clearly visible in the Thermal Image even when covered with “body fill” and/or paint, etc.

Aluminum rust is like iron rust, it is not just as noticeable.  Due to the difficulties in welding aluminum, rivets and bolts are frequently used to make assemblies.  The voids between parts will corrode.  Corroded areas (rusted aluminum) will be identified by Thermal Imaging.  Here once again the affected areas hidden by paint etc. will be identify able.

Airframe Analysis

Fiber glass and composite materials do not rust but they can delaminate / decay these areas will retain water for a period of time.  Similarly to rust these water retention conditions will be clearly visible in the Thermal Image.

Delamination of hull

Delamination of  Hull

Fiberglass retaining water

Delamination of Fiberglass Hull with water retention


Fabric and wood although not common in most modern automobiles structures (Morgans excepted) are found in airplanes, boats and motorcycles.  Once again water retention at joints behind paint  will be clearly visible.

In the freeze thaw cycles the water or dampness retained will expand to put stress on the joints.   There is no question, there will be future problems it is just a mater of when.

Automobiles, airplanes, motor cycle and boats have mechanical parts that can be measured by Thermal Imaging while the unit is under power.  Measuring the temperature of engine components can be used to assess conditions.  For internal combustion engines variation in the temperature of cylinders will provide clues to the efficiency of the engine.


A closer examination would identify components operating out of acceptable temperature ranges

Before spending a bunch of  money on an asset with age, consider Infrared Thermal Imaging as an unbiased means of assessing condition.  The Images can be retained for comparison to future assessments or a proof of conditions at a particular point in time.



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