Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools

Require maintenance

 Infrared Thermal Imaging may pinpoint leaks

  • in the piping system in or below concrete
  • in the wall lining of the pool
 Circulating water in the piping system will have temperature        different than the surrounding concrete or ground.   The location of the piping should be visible to the camera.   Water escaping into the soil may also be identified by the Thermal Imaging instrument.
 Soil saturated with water will be visible in the Thermograph.
 Leaks in the liner along the sides of the pool should appear as saturated water areas and be visible in the Thermograph.

It is not possible to identify the location of the leak(s)  within inches  because of the various characteristics of leaks but the    location  should be pinpointed to within 1 or 2 feet.

 If you have a leak and we can not locate a “pool” of saturated     water there is no charge for our visit.
 Circulating pumps overheating will fail in time.    Thermal Imaging will identify overheated bearing, bushings, pumps, electric motors before they completely fail.
Thermal Imaging does not touch or damage any object being      examined.  It does not repair but it does identify abnormalities.

swimming pool digitalswimming Thermal image

Swimming Pool as scene                    Thermal Image showing extent of water

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