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Scope of service

Building/Structure                              Mechanical                           Location of           Other

 Air Infiltration

 Roof        Electrical Service           Bearings Bushings           Gear Motors       Insects / Pests

 Water Infiltration/Leaks                 Belts & Chains                  Hydraulic            In Ground Pipes

 HVAC / Boiler    Other  Electric Motors  Other  Pool Leaks

Infrared Thermal Imaging is a tool to be used in a preventive maintenance program to identify those items that may need replacement, repair or treatment.  The results of Infrared Thermal Imaging should be used in conjunction with other investigative tools as to the condition of the examined subjects.  A comparison of current results to previous examinations may indicate the rate of failure being experienced.

Thermal Images.ca will perform visual inspections and a infrared image along with a digital image of the subject (if light conditions make it possible) of those items / areas identified by the Client as requiring examination as well as other areas of interest.  These examinations will be carried out using procedures adopted from the American Society of Nondestructive Testing.  It is recognized that during the course of the examination the scope of the examination may expand or contract.  Re-examinations may be undertaken to verify previous results.

It is recognized by Thermal Images.ca and the Client, to achieve the best examination it may be necessary to Infrared Thermal Image equipment as it is being operated under load.  If the Client wishes to achieve the best examination it may be necessary for the Client at the risk and expense of the Client to temporarily remove guarding and shields to facilitate the thermal imaging of the subject.  The Thermographer shall only undertake the examination if it is safe to do so in the opinion of the Thermographer.

Wherever possible Thermal Images.ca shall carry out the duties from the floor level, if it is necessary to carry out an examination otherwise, the Client shall provide equipment and devices to carry out the inspection in a safe and secure manner.  Under no circumstances shall the Thermal Images.ca personnel be exposed hazardous or confined environments.

Inspections of electrical panels by Thermal Images.ca personnel shall only be undertaken when the panel is fully assembled, the removal of coverings, guards etc. (if required) shall be performed by properly qualified technician(s).  Only when deemed safe by Thermal Imges.ca personnel will an open electric panel be approached for Infrared Thermal Imaging purposes and only at a safe distance.

Verbal reporting and discussion of the results with the Client (or representative) as the examination progresses will be at the option of the Client.

Written reports which include images and measurements of the examination subject(s) shall be prepared.  Thermal Images.ca shall not assume any liability for any malfunctions of the Thermal Imaging instrument or the analytical software used to process the images.  Written reports are generally prepared off site, the reports may be transferred to the Client electronically or via mail (at the option of the Client).  The reports are for the information purposes only, the Client agrees to hold harmless Thermal Images.ca.

The data for the reports is collected based on the conditions and environment that existed at the moment of the examination; these may change at any time after the examination.  Thermal Images.ca does not assume any responsibility for failing to identify / report the subsequent changes.

The reports are provided to the client as an aid to undertake remediation programs as deemed appropriate by the Client.  Thermal Images.ca assumes no responsibility for the remediation undertaken by the Client or the Clients agents.  Such remediation shall be the sole responsibility of the Client.

Thermal Images.ca does not assume any responsibility for failure by the Client to undertake appropriate measures to protect the examined assets.

Thermal Images.ca assumes no liability for any repairs or modifications undertaken as a result of the report should it be later determined that the repairs or modifications may not have been required.

Thermal Images.ca assumes no liability for future repairs required for items not identified as requiring repairs at the moment of the examination.

Should the Client dispute or otherwise object to the findings or conclusions in the reports the maximum damages claimed against Thermal Images.ca shall not exceed the fees paid by the Client for the service provided by Thermal Images.ca for the reported item(s) in dispute.  Any such claim shall be made in writing, delivered to Thermal Images.ca within 14 days of the date the service was provided to the Client.

Thermal Images shall provide the requested services on ________________M/D/YEAR or as otherwise agreed to by the Client.

The fee for services shall be based on an hourly on site rate of               $_________________estimated hours _________________or other method of determination with a maximum of $___________________.  In certain circumstances an advance payment may be required.  Payment terms are net 30 days.

All services shall be provided in compliance with all legislation or regulations enforced by any government agency or regulatory body.

Signed by              Thermal Images.ca                             Client (authorized signature)

_________________________________               ________________________________

Dated     M/D/YEAR

$2,000,000 Errors & Omission/Commercial General Liability coverage and WSIB

Thermal Images.ca

Thermal Images.ca, 1460 Norman Ave, London, ON  N6K 2A7  519-852-1761   www.thermalimages.ca



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