Agriculture Applications Buildings

Agriculture Buildings are very divers from typical industrial / commercial structures to sun shelters.
Intensive Agriculture Buildings are frequently washed with high pressure water creating potential for the reduction of R Value for Insulation and creating conditions for moisture sensitivity activity such as mold, termites, wood decay, etc. to take place.
(see Industrial Commercial Applications Buildings)

Heating, cooling, protection from the elements are just a few of the needs.

Some of the unique applications that can be solved with Infrared Thermal Imaging are
1.  Maintaining temperatures without drafts and sudden changes by identifying sources of air infiltration
2.  High ammonia concentrations and the affect to electrical systems
  • Corrosion of electrical connections
  • Break down of electrical insulation in motors, controllers etc.
  • Periodic thermal image of all electrical services to identify over heated terminal boxes, connections, motors, etc.
3.  Checking for higher or lower than normal temperatures  in areas of the building,  result in  over crowding / smothering of poultry
4.  Constant monitoring of the floor area for temperature buildup
5.  Nutrient management systems

High levels of toxic gases

1.  Constant monitoring of foreign gases
2.  Toxic gas effects on infrastructure, electrical, heating / cooling systems

Periodic thermal imaging of all equipment for abnormalities

1.  Heating and cooling requirements
2.  Constant measurement of temperature
1.  Constant measurement of humidity
2.  High humidity controlled atmospheres structures
Periodic thermal imaging to identify deterioration of insulation capacity in walls, ceilings, etc. due to high humidity.
Periodic thermal images of concealed wood near ground level
[Emissivity of the material must be considered.  (see Factors affecting Thermal Infrared Images]

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