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Themography enables the animal to “tell” the Thermographer about it’s aches, pains and other conditions via colour and digital images that can be printed and or emailed,  for the health provider.

Aches, pains and other non normal functions are generally manifested with an increase in temperature. All areas of the animal body will radiate heat at generally predictable levels. Internal body organs and dense body tissue will generate a greater concentration of heat. Extremities and visible skin are often subject to injury and infection, these areas are more readily visible by the Thermal Imaging instrument with temperature reading variations of 2/10th of a degree Celsius.
New applications are being investigated all the time.  One of the more recent is examination of the eyes of cattle to determine the health of the animal.
Some common diagnostic areas for Infrared Thermal Imaging


1. Hooves
2. Leg muscles and joints
3. Insect penetrations of the skin
4. Fever in head, chest
5. Abnormal internal organs
6. Udder infection

Cow Picture 001Cow Picture 002


1. Fever in head, chest

2. Abnormal internal organs
3. Pregnancy
Swine Finishing Barn-page-001Swine Finishing Barn-page-002


1. Hooves
2. Leg muscles and joints
3. Fever in head, chest
4. Abnormal internal organs

Horse Legs different temperatureHorse Leg with InfectionHorse Back Uneven Temperature


Abnormal Heat should be investigated thoroughly


Head Fever


1. Hooves
2. Fever in head, chest
3. Abnormal internal organs
4. Pregnancy

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