Heating Cooling

Heating and Cooling – keeping workers happy and machinery operating efficiently.

The maintaining of constant temperatures would be aided by a Thermographic examination of all source of heat generation and loss.  The ability to determine temperatures at every visible location (building and equipment) in the building while standing on the floor will greatly enhance the ability to resolve issues.  Most employee complaints relating to heat and cold are the result of drafts e.g. uncontrolled air movement within the building or from the outside.  Identifying and correcting drafts will reduce complaints and at the same time reduce heating / cooling costs.   Thermographic analysis of air exchange systems will enable the system to be balanced on facts rather than guesses.
Verification of heat output from heating units to the manufacturer’s standards may identify inefficiencies that if repaired would reduce heating / cooling costs.
If the heat source is boilers, the role of Thermography becomes more important, the ability to scan piping insulation to identify
1. Leaks of steam or water that may not be visible
2. Breakdown of insulation
3. Uneven or abnormal temperature of the heat distribution system
Steam Traps
Steam traps can be examined with Infrared Thermal Imaging

Examination of the boiler interior and exterior while at full heating capacity is possible with Infrared Imaging Cameras which can record temperatures exceeding 2,000 degrees.  The printed images of the examined areas with point by point temperature readings can be used to determine the need for maintenance and will serve as a resource to determine costs of necessary repairs.

“The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company” has a number of publications to assist in the operation of boilers and air conditioning operation.   Available at www.hsb.com     Information resources  “Equipment Care”

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