Electricity General

Wasted Electrical  Heat is generated by

1. Breaker panels               -loose or corroded connections
2. Switches                            -loose or corroded connections, worn out mechanical parts
3. Junction boxes               -loose or corroded connections
4. Wiring                                 -faulty insulation, undersized, mechanical or rodent damage
5. Motors                                -faulty insulation, worn out brushes or mechanical parts
Most production machinery is driven by electric motors, clean, noise free, steady power make for happy electric motors.
As the motors function, heat will be generated within the motor itself and along the mechanical power distribution system.  The periodic measuring and recording of the temperatures with an Infrared Imaging Camera and retaining the measurements for comparison to standards and/or historical data will aid in the determination of the efficiency of the equipment.  The Thermographer with computer assistance will prepare reports indicating changes in temperature readings at every power point.
Thermography can sense abnormal temperatures quickly and easily from a distance without the disassembly of the device. 
The ability to walk the floor and scan for heat generation of every electrical connection without a ladder or disassembly of the devices is possible with thermal imaging.
If anomalies are suspected then a full force inspection would be recommended.
Higher than 120 Voltage  See under Resources References “Electrical Guidelines”
With higher voltages (above 220) the potential problems become much more critical.  The are a number of FREE Preventive Maintenance Program guidelines available such as
“The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company” Standard for an Electrical Preventive Maintenance (EPM) Program available at www.hsb.com     Information resources     Equipment Care   #420

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