Sources of Information                                           Aerial Themography                                          US Agriculture Research Services  (Infrared)                                                    American Society of Non Destructive Testing                       Building Performance Institute Canada         Professional Home Inspection Institute                             Carson Dunlop Consulting engineers                                                  Canadian Institute for Non Destructive Testing                Wiki – EIG Sponsored by Schneider Electric          Energy Conservation Institute           Equine Thermal Imaging Institute                             Environmental Solutions Association                                     Fire Rescue 1                                                         Agriculture oriented                                                     Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance          Energy University by Schneider Electric     (Flir)           Infrared Training Center     (free courses)               Infraspection Institute                                                  Variety of German applications                                           Source of building maintenance information                                                  Open Repository for information and postings                                                     Iriss Electrical Inspection Windows                                J C D Publishing                                         Medical Infrared                                     Mould Inspection Consulting and Remedial

PlantWeb University                               Resnet Training         (Fluke)        The Snell Group

Most educational institutions provide distance training via online internet applications, plus on site or campus training





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