Industrial Commercial Preventive Maintenance

Industrial, Commercial and Production Facilities

Industry can save millions in lost revenue by having regular thermal imaging scans. Preventative maintenance programs (PM’s) utilizing thermal Imaging can save on manufacturing downtime, production loss, power outages, fires and catastrophic loss. Maintenance Technology magazine reported a $4 return on investment for every $1 spent on infrared inspections.
Having one of our thermal imagers do a complete scan of your work place can save thousands in energy costs and lost production.

Electrical and Mechanical 

Thermal imaging can be used to detect overheating bearings, lubricating issues, loose electrical connections, bad windings in motors, miss firing cylinders in gas/diesel engines, leaks, etc. The uses are endless. By finding issues before they cause breakdowns allows PM crews to prepare and perform the repairs quicker and with better control on costs.
Transformer with defective lead connection


Production plant was experiencing electrical problems a 5 second scan of the  Hydro  One transformer found an overheated lead (194C/381F) that could have caused hours of lost production. Hydro One was called and they responded within an hour.
Overheated Bearing 2
Overheated bearing on a rebuilt piece of outdoor machinery. The problem was caught before a breakage and the design was reworked to  relieve the stress causing the overheating.
Engine Missfiring
Miss firing  #1 cylinder in Cummins diesel engine.  Low temperature  indicated the cylinder was not functioning correctly.

Evaporator Fan 3

A non functioning fan in a very elevated overhead evaporator  is a cooler was overheating and had gone unnoticed the day before by  a technician. The Thermal  Imaging instrument identified this  problem in very low light conditions.

Gera Mot and Motor 4

Overheated electric motor caused by over lubricating or a bad seal in the attached gearbox. Lubricant was passing thru bearing seals and filling the motor inhibiting its ability to cool.

 Flat Roofing

Thermal imaging is ideal for locating leaks in flat roofing.  Before having a mid life roof replacement of the roof.  A Thermal Imaging examination was undertaken.  A scan of the roof can indicate the severity of the leak(s) and locate the precise location.  With this information repairs were undertake at much lower cost than replacement.
Thermal Images shows large pool of water between roof membrane and roof supporting material

 W ater Blister 6

Example of moisture under roofing material in a flat roof the cost of repairing is greatly reduced when the affected area can be precisely marked and repaired.


To insure that the new building that is contracted for.  A thermal scan will help. In older buildings improving the building envelope for air and moisture penetration will reduce energy costs.  A scan of a buildings envelope can indicate if there is any missing insulation, water infiltration, if proper supports were used in finished walls and insures the HVAC is working to its full ability.
Wall structure of building from exterior

 Wall Structure 7

Thermal imaging has the ability to show the structure behind finished walls ensuring there are not deficiencies in construction.






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