Infrared Thermal Imaging Detection Service  

(519) 852-1761  –    24/7

Located in London Ontario, Providing Infrared ThermalImage Service to Southwestern Ontario, Kitchener to Windsor

For Industrial, Commercial, Residential and Institutional clients

Investigations and Inspections for heat loss, insulation R factors, water leaks around windows and doors,  water leaks in basements and behind finished walls, leaks from roofs and around chimneys, locating pipes in concrete, around swimming pools and in the ground,  searching for rodents, insects and birds in walls

Service provided 24 hours / 7 days a week as required to meet client requirements and or weather conditions.


Thermal Images.ca
1460 Norman Ave
London, Ontario  Canada N6K 2A7

For Chris Recker   Level II Certified ITC Thermographer

Email   –  chris@thermalimages.ca
Phone   –  (519) 852-1761

 For Marvin Recker

Email   –  marvin@thermalimages.ca
Phone   – (519) 471-9546

Mission Statement

  • To provide the best service and response time to our clients.
  • To report to the client verbally and in writing via email the results of the examination, as required
  • To provide information for the client to address issues that are determined by Infrared Thermal Imaging techniques to require remediation
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